Self-Healing Networks

If planes can fly on auto-pilot, then why not networks? We are on a mission to build fully autonomous networks. Filoffee is a next-generation AIOps platform for network assurance.

Multi-Vendor integration

Powerful vendor-agnostic data ingestion platform

Filoffee integrates with any OEM’s device, because we source telemetry on open standards.

Pro-active Assurance

Know something is wrong before your users do.

Our ML algorithms can detect and predict performance issues much before they impact to users.

Automate Root Cause Analysis

Take the guess work out of incident work

Our anomaly detection and correlation engine can do automated RCA suggest correlative actions.  

Reduce MTTR, Increase Happiness

Always-On network with the magic of data science.

Network assurance doesn’t have to be hard. With filoffee achieve a network with self-diagnosis and self-healing capability.

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